Wrote: September 24th 2010 I really should post more

we have a moving date :)

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Wrote: March 9th 2009 We got the place!

Today we got a letter from the letting agent we passed the referencing so the place is ours! The next step is to start packing, which we have made a start on and move on the 28th March to our new home in Centeral Exeter.

I recently celebrated my 21st Birthday where most of my family came down and Mum and Dad came over from Spain, they stopped in a b&b just down the road from us in teignmouth! We have an amazing meal at the Owl and the Pussy Cat in Teignmouth then went on a drinking session with mum and dad lol.

My 21st was great really enjoyed it! Mum and dad went back on the Monday and me and Amy went flat hunting on Tuesday where we put the deposit on our place. Was at work on the Wednesday and Thursday then got Friday off and travel down to Lincolnshire on the Thursday night.

We didn’t do it in bad time really we stopped at Worcester to pick up my brother then straight down to Lincolnshire, it was a quick visit to see my nana and granddad and Amy mum and family etc. we didn’t rush around like last time it was a nice visit I even got to see Chris from college which was cool!

Well thats it for now

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Wrote: February 22nd 2009 First Post for 2009

Wow seriously? Yes. well its been a good few months since I last posted and I guess I should really update everyone on my life so here we go. Well I moved to Devon and got an amazing IT Job in Exeter for a company called Colleton Computer Solutions its great I love it i’ve been working there nearly 6 months.

Amy moved in with me to our flat in Teignmouth, we are hopefully looking for a bigger place all being well will move this week! Amy works in the highstreet at Next selling clothes and stuff she gets top marks at work for best customer service etc.

I bought myself a new car a month ago a Citroen C4 1.6i VTR+ and I love it! my 306 was dying so I Part exchanged it and got my C4, within 2 weeks of owning it someone drove into it scrapping the side, FFS! then few weeks ago a vehicle of some sort reversed into the front bumper and while cleaning it last week noticed a white mark on the bump strips on the rear but they should T-Cut out.

Living in teignouth is great I love the area it nice being 5 minutes away from the sea not even that! but to save on fuel we really need to move closed to Exeter thus we found this maisonette in a 1816 Maison in the center of Exeter so we are going to get a viewing booked on that and if we like it snap it up and move in by the end of the week :D

I guess I should really redesign my site again but I don’t have the time its been quite busy at work so when I get home i tend to crash out and relax it pisses amy off though! I just added this new plugin for Facebook so hopefully my blog can get popular once again ;)

Well I guess thats all for now work tomorrow :D

- Tom

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Wrote: April 18th 2008 [Rant] Petrol Prices + normal crap!

Hey it’s me once again in a full scale ranting mode, today its petrol prices I think it’s a common subject and worry on most people’s minds these day’s. Well yesterday petrol was at an “affordable” 106.9 I got paid today and its just cost me £40 for half a tank @ 109.9 this is now killing me I’m worrying about getting to college now and further education might have to be cancelled due to extra living costs and all that general crap that’s just really annoying the f*ck out of me.

BUT apart from that everything is OK I guess the car is working 100% and have maximum mpg right now I’m tempted to start stripping out unwanted weight to improve mpg that means bye bye sub :( The car had a full check up last week while having zorst and tires sorted oh and tracking  which means it looks like its certainly going to pass MOT ;)

I don’t know if I mention the new recent stuff I have been doing with Chris and matt its called urbexing or Urban Exploring, looking at old buildings and taking pictures etc its been pretty good travelling to unknown parts of the area looking at some really nice buildings :) pretty cool but its a shame that 28dayslater.co.uk closed the forums a few days ago :( so we need to find a new home oh and the fact petrol has rose means its going to cost more to travel to these places too.

Been doing a few calculations and its costing roughly £8 (50 miles to and from college)  with the rise in price its soon not going to be worth going to college the prices are set to rise to 1.50 in august too so nah I’ll probably stop driving then. I’ll get some little bike thing or something, something has really got to give.

House prices can’t afford a car let alone a house. So yeah end of had enough college work has seriously got me down I did 4 assignments this week and the flash drive decided to do  “WRITE ERROR” AND MESS UP give up now.

- Tom

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Wrote: April 15th 2008 F*ck the BBC

For some reason this never posted!

Some of you that know me, know that I don’t watch TV, its true I don’t have a TV in my room because most of the time there’s just total utter crap on it and that’s just the BBC. I don’t like the BBC for many reasons mainly Propaganda and the shi*te they air out to people, and yeah believe it or not people watch it and enjoy it, Why? Well it’s beyond me.

Last week I had my first experience of telling the BBC to piss off, Amy has got free view fitted in her room now so I bought her a free view box from Tesco, I’ve done my research and I know that shops tell the BBC your details – NOT MINE. I decided to go-to the self service… I distracted the woman to take out the security tag while she was doing that I pressed ok on the screen to cancel the message about taking the details, she then simply entered her pin and I paid for it – Woo.

I hate my personal details on company databases unless I allow it so this gave me this massive sense of achievement. As I walked out of Tesco’s bracing the free view box in my arms I shouted “FUCK YOU BBC” and proceeded to walk to the car. I think Amy was embarrassed.

The weeks been slow at college its crap as normal and Thursday was valentines day I popped round Amys for the night to see her for a bit and exchanged gifts and then have a play fight with these heart things, valentines day is very commercialized these days, they sell glorified xmas crackers for valentines day now, whatever happened to the simple rose and a meal (possible reward at the end of the night ;) ) ? Anyways these crackers was just like Christmas ones, they still go bang and u get jokes in them with red hats and key rings – joy.

Oh well it was a good night but it shocked me how valentines day is now a big con for the big businesses to get more money out of people, even the little corner flower shops didn’t get as much as they normally do because Tesco and Asda etc was selling roses so much cheaper then the little shops – bless them.

Cars going strong plenty of 307 mods bringing the phase number to 3.5 lol and cam belt is getting done pretty soon then a checkup on the general running of the car, service etc ready for MOT in June. Weather has been terrible down here the past 2 days thick fog covering the main roads has made traveling a nightmare, especially at night, frost and ice has been make life hard too. Can’t wait for the warm weather to get my splitter painted and fitted :) decided I’m probably going to get angel lights for my birthday with is coming up fast :)

Oh damn just realized I’ll have loads of assignments to do dam it! Right better end it there then :(

- Tom

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